My mother took me took me to my first yoga class in the basement of our synagogue in our neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh, PA when I was only 7 years old That was in 1971, and I have had an interest in meditation, mindfulness, Eastern philosophy and health ever since. Never much of a coffee drinker, I really fell in love with tea during college, as I would study with over a pot of assam or chai. One of the reasons I choose Bastyr University for naturopathic medical school back in 1991 was Teahouse Kuan Yin, which opened in the Wallingford area of Seattle only a few months before I landed here. Since then, I have dreamt of of owning a meditation teahouse studio. I spent many a day and evening studying, journaling, imaging, envisioning, in essence, meditating over a cup of tea.  

This website combines my passions for meditative living and tea!

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