Compassion through the Cracks in the Chawan


I love this chawan even more so because of its flaws! The moment I found this matcha bowl several years ago, I adored it. Whenever I wanted the entire meditative matcha making experience, I would reach for it. One mindless morning, rushing rather than being present, I hit the side of the bowl with my tea kettle and my heart immediately sank. Every time I would see it, I would sigh and reach a different chawan. Yet none had the same feel in my hand or to my whisk. Slowly over time, I began to smile as my appreciation for this unique, one-of-a-kind, cracked chawan grew and grew.

We are all like this bowl - scarred and cracked, having had life events chip away at the smooth shiny veneer we desperately wish to maintain. Acceptance seems so challenging, when we swiftly chastise ourselves for any misstep or miscalculation. Yet, by appreciating our imperfections we can learn to lean into them with compassion and gratitude to discover all the gifts that come from our trials and tribulations. 

Another life lesson learned through tea.