Remedy Teas

Is it Fall in Seattle already? On this cool, 55°F crisp morning, with the sun ducking in and out from behind the clouds, I feel nostalgic. Is it age or the time of year? I remind myself how this happens to me every year as soon as I detect the daylight hours waning (yes, I start mourning the end of summer in July!). 

Years ago, Remedy Tea was my Sunday morning ritual: first, with my good friend, Jason, and then my meeting headquarters with my friend, Stephanie. Living further north now, in a teahouse desert, Lake Forest Park, I forgot what it was like to arrive here early on a Sunday morning, long before the bustling of people seeking brunch. Without agenda for once, I can sit and sip my matcha (I always prefer a ceramic bowl over glass cups since it alters the taste for me) and have space to breathe!  

While I do indeed go to teahouses and sit on my laptop doing work, the joy for me is in social engagement - talking to friends about life and what matters most to us. And what can be better than to do so over a cup of tea. In my dream teahouse, I imagine not having wifi. I am sure I would receive numerous complaints, yet the hope is to recapture the idea of the European cafe where people truly see one another and connect.  Oh, how I love to dream.